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Phone Australia Recorded Information Services

What Are Recorded Information Services?
Phone Australia Recorded information services are a great way to provide your customers with valuable information while not tying up staff resources. For example you may have a message, or an answer to a question, which is frequently asked by your customers. Instead of having staff answer the same questions, you can use a recorded message to provide the same result.

A recorded information service may be set-up for profit (via a 1900 or 1902 number) or it may be set-up for non-profit (1300 & 1800 numbers).

Through the use of Phone Australia IVR (interactive voice response) you can create menu options, which make your service easier to use and ensure your customers receive the right information.

Below are some examples of typical recorded information services:

  • Competition lines Phone Australia Recorded Information Services
  • Voting & polling lines
  • After hours services
  • Weather / Sporting information
  • Tipping services
  • News releases

How Does the Caller Pay for the Call?
Phone Australia
provides different options for payment so you can select the method which is most convenient to your customers. The payment options are:  

How Can Recorded Services Benefit Your Business?
Featured below are the benefits of setting up a Phone Australia recorded service for your business:

  • Free up staff resources
  • Earn revenue for your knowledge & expertise
  • Inprove your customers experience
  • Change and personalise your service easily
  • Offer customers a 24 hours a day service
  • Monitor how your service performs with our Online Reporting Service
  • Update your service recordings from anywhere in the world  

If you would like more information regarding Phone Australia recorded information services please proceed to the Contact Phone Australia





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