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Phone Australia Fax Services

What Type Of Fax Services?
Phone Australia fax services can streamline the way faxes are sent to your customers. Faxes can either be sent to customers when they request them, or they can be broadcast at set times to specific groups. Thousands of faxes can be sent at one time, and the fully automated services are available 24 hours a day.

Fax On Demand
Phone Australia Fax on demand allows the caller to order a pre-loaded fax, from the menu of choices that are provided to them. Using their telephone keypad they can select the fax that they desire, and then specify the fax number to which they wish the information sent.

Within minutes the Phone Australia Fax on Demand system sends the required information to the specific fax number, as requested. Fax on Demand can operated on the following types of numbers:    
  • 1800 free call number 
  • 1300 local call cost number Phone Australia Fax Services
  • 1900 & 1902 tariff number

Typical uses for fax on demand are:

  • Fact sheets
  • Results circulars
  • Newsletters
  • Updates
  • Forcasts
  • Statistics 
Fax Broadcast
Phone Australia Fax broadcast enables the broadcasting of fax messages to thousands of customers at one time. The fax message can be broadcast immediately to a distribution list, or it can be broadcast at a pre-specified time.

The faxes can be individualised or generic, and up to 15 attempts will be made to fax the message through. Detailed reports on delivery success or failure are provided. Faxes are sent with the highest image quality, to ensure the integrity of the message.

Fax broadcast can be operated on:
  • 1800 free call number
  • 1300 local call cost number
  • 1900 & 1902 tariff number

For further information regarding Phone Australia fax services please Contact Phone Australia

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