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Frequently Asked Questions

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 Frequently Asked QuestionCategory
11300 Numbers. Who pays for the call?1300 Numbers
21800 Numbers. Who pays for the call?1800 Numbers
31900 number. What types of tariffs can I use?1900 Services
41900 Numbers. How do they work?1900 Services
51900 Numbers. How does the billing / payment cycle work?1900 Services
61900 Numbers. How is the caller billed?1900 Services
71900 Numbers. What is Bad Debt?1900 Services
81900 Numbers. Who regulates the industry?1900 Services
9How do I Create a Successful Competition Service?Competitions
10What are Outbound Call Costs?Solutions
11What are Trade Promotion Permits?Competitions
12What does IVR mean?Solutions
13What should I consider when starting a 1900 number service?1900 Services

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